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A dog from Spain

ISBN   9789402106497
Pagina's   106
Verschenen   2014
Uitvoering   e-Book
Uitgever   Brave New Books

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A warm and witty story of stray dogs and lonely hearts. It all starts with the rescue of a little bitch on the beach.Reluctant heroïne Belinda finds stray dogs are waiting for her by the dozen along the backroads of her father's old farm. Their need for shelter drives her to PAWS, the Peoples Animal Welfare Society. But then PAWS is destroyed and the future of hundreds of animals can only be saved by a miracle... From the heat and dust of the Spanish countryside to the cool royal circles of showbusiness, here is the story of how, by saving just one poor little dog, you could actually be saving yourself ! This true story offers an insight into the real nature of altruïsm and charity work, showing you what best friends are for. Belinda Duval is an acclaimed songwriter and author and patroness of PAWS, Spain and HAAS, the Netherlands.